Never really found the need to marinate a flank steak, honestly. My favorite preparation is to season it with salt, pepper, garlic, and cumin and then to serve it with chimmichurri sauce. Mmmmm.... chimmichuri sauce. » 4/12/14 2:06pm 4/12/14 2:06pm

Because the Tonight Show films in NY now after decades of filming in LA going back to Carson. CBS is trying to figure out if there's some strategic advantage to having a show in LA, like better and/or different guests than all the other late night shows. » 4/10/14 2:23pm 4/10/14 2:23pm


Browning meat to "seal in juices" is crap. Browning meat to develop flavor and texture is yummy awesomeness. Skipping this step is a common beginner's mistake because it adds so much to the final flavor of the dish, through the browned parts of the meat and the fond (the brown bits that stick to the pan) that adds to … » 4/08/14 4:55pm 4/08/14 4:55pm

Quaint, historical, CULTURAL purposes. Kant's theories have been prominently discussed and absorbed into the western cultural lexicon for generations, now. Considering this is an article about how culture affects our sensory perceptions, I'd say it's relevant. » 4/04/14 2:35pm 4/04/14 2:35pm